He is named Low Chuan Kai. And some people might find it hard to pronouce it, therefore in short C.K. Low.
CK primarily focus on Japanese-Influence style in Tattooing and Art & Designs. His depiction on this approach is a composition of illustrative figures in bold colors and the flow of expressive elements of nature.
When CK got his first ink at the age of 19, it broadens his perspective in tattoo which spawns his passion in this form of art. Being a self taught artist, his interest in visual arts always ignites his curiosity to explore different mediums and style.
He soon started his apprenticeship in 2008 for 2 years and traveled to Europe in 2011 with his mentor for conventions. Through his travels, it really opened up his mind being out of his comfort zone.
Being afford the time, he traveled on his own in 2014 to Holland and UK for conventions and guest spots. In 2015, CK started his own studio. C.K. Tattoo Singapore

Instagram : @cktattoosg


7 thoughts on “C.K. LOW

  1. Hello,
    I am going to be in Singapore in October for a couple of days, but do not know the dates yet. I travel with work an just started getting tattooes in the countries is visit on my legs. I saw your work on Instagram and love it. I am looking for a tattoo that will remind me of Singapore that I can get done in two hours. No pressure. Was wondering if you might have openings in October or if I am SOL(Shit Out of Luck). You get to pick where on the legs and what to do. I have one right now on right calf. Thanks Jim


    1. Hi jim , thanks for noticing my work. i do have some opening in the last week of october from 28-31st october. i can squeeze a 2-3 hours session for u if that’s what u are looking for.
      u can email me at cktattoosg@hotmail.com when u have more information and we can discuss and arrange through the email.Thanks

      Hear from you soon.
      C.K. Low


      1. Hi CK,

        I get to Singapore on the 27th and will fly out either November 1st or 2nd. I am working during the week and it would be great if you had an opening either Saturday or Sunday. Let me know. Also what do you charge? I want to make sure I have enough cash to pay. Do you just take Singapore dollars or do you accept US dollars also. Looking forward to see what you come up with and get the tattoo.


      2. Hi jim,
        I just recieve ur mail. And i replied to ur mail but a automated mail was sent back. Hoping that u’ll see the message here. Yes its 29th october saturday 8pm. Not november.


  2. Hi Ck I will be at singapore this Thursday and leaving Tuesday night. I was hoping to squeeze in for a quick tat on my fist of a tigers head. Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning would be great.
    Can you let me know if you can and pricing so i can plan my spending.
    From Sydney Australia


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